2017 walking season starts


First canal/river walk of the 2017 season. Moderately long walk of around 9 miles on the Grand Union Canal. Walking from Stoke Bruerne to Nether Heyford.

Come fly with me!


Two hours of serious fun, testing my knowledge of Airbus A320 systems in a full motion simulator

Full details, with pictures

Output from multiple DS18B20 to Cacti

If you need to read multiple (variable number) of sensors into Cacti, the following python script will read the sensors and format the output ready for Cacti. Be aware though that the sensor numbering is based on their serial numbers - the order will change if sensors with different serial numbers More >

Reading multiple DS18B20 sensors

Some people have been asking for some Python code that can read multiple temperature sensors. The following code will work for up to 10 sensors (maximum allowed under the kernel driver) #!/usr/bin/env python from os import path, listdir, system from time import sleep # Borrowing More >

Solving Cacti problems on the logger – full s/w install details & SD image


Some people have been having problems getting the Cacti graphs on the data logger to update correctly – they are missing graph lines and numerical outputs. I remember having similar issues when I was first messing around setting up the loggers. So to try to fix this, I went through a complete More >

Vulcan farewell tour : Eastbourne


Managed to snap a few pictures of XH558 (and some other aircraft) at Eastbourne Airshow, 2015.

CLICK on any picture to enlarge it.


Raspberry Pi temperature (and humidity and pressure) logger – full instructions!


A while ago I reported on progress towards a Raspberry Pi based environmental logger.

Well, it has proved to be quite popular at work (several laboratories now use them to log temperature and humidity values for around £100 each device) so I wrote up pretty much all the instructions on how to build More >

Filming with BBC Horizon


Again, this was some time ago but I’m in the process of moving the old articles from the old site to the blog and I don’t yet know if it is possible to pre-date a post. So, here’s what used to be on the old site.

Stephen Fry visited


Actually, it was some time ago that we hosted a visit for Stephen, but this blog is just catching up with the move of articles from the old site and I am not sure how to pre-date an article. Anyway, here’s Stephen.

Main site moves into the blog


I decided that the main Jartweb site (actually on the same servers) was looking a bit old and tatty, plus it did not behave properly on browsers on smartphones and tablets, so I decided to copy across the old content into the blog, creating new pages for each item.

When I get a moment, I’ll replace More >

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